Luke Archer – the founder of VA

Luke Archer is a bilingual Irish writer and teacher, specializing in communication and educational development, living in Lyon, France, since 1995.

He is the founder of, a conflict management training organization, and the creator and head-developer of the VA practice. Since its creation in 2009 he has written several books about Verbal Aikido and has trained thousands of people around the world to develop their skills in de-escalating conflict in the workplace and in social contexts.

Luke with the teachers and students of Collège Paul Portier in 2015

Luke specializes in working in the educational and socio-medical sectors, recently bringing VA to school children from the age of 5 and up. He continues to hold regular VA online dojo classes and trains future VA practitioners and facilitators through the VA Academy.

Luke with the teachers and staff of the International French school in Singapore, 2020

You can read about the VA practice in his latest book From Conflict to Conversation. Luke is also a certified family, divorce & child custody mediator. You can find his full résumé and follow him on LinkedIn.

Luke giving a conference on VA at TEDx La Rochelle in 2013
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