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Become an Official VA Facilitator… have you got what it takes?

Verbal Aikido is not just an art of know-how, it’s a path to developing your self-management skills or “savoir-être“. Indeed, being able to share or teach a skill requires having a certain degree of mastery. That’s why, before even considering a path to become an Official VA Facilitator, you need at least 12 months active VA practice under your belt.

Just as in many martial arts, there are several levels of tested competences in Verbal Aikido. Click on the levels below to find out what each entails…

Children’s levels: “White Bracelet” to “Orange Bracelet”

Designed for children, there are three levels going from basic initiation & simple techniques to the capacity to manage bullying, with emphasis put on self-protection.

Level 1.1 “Novice Practitioner”

Novice Practitioners demonstrate their ability to use Enhanced Listening, and are required to show a variety of techniques in a rapid-fire verbal-attack simulation. They must be able to demonstrate their understanding of the 3-Steps using a real-life experience.

Level 1.2 “Advanced Practitioner”

Advanced Practitioners are self-sufficient in terms of centering and are able to vary techniques and at least 3 sequenced combinations (“kata“). They must be able to demonstrate their ability to de-escalate conflict when faced with a prolonged personal attack.

Level 1.3 “Autonomous Practitioner”

Autonomous Practitioners have accomplished a level of autonomy through practice “outside the dojo”. They have a mastery of many kata (sequences) and are able to maintain VA centered posture and de-escalate when faced with at least three personal attacks.

Level 2.1 “Official VA Presenter”

VA Presenters need to have at least 9 months experience in the dojo and/or level 1.2. They are able to present VA both briefly and in-depth. They can manage objections and attacks on their presentation maintaining VA posture.

Level 2.2 “Official VA Practice-group Coordinator

VA Practice-group Coordinators must have experience in accompanying and at least 18 months at the VA dojo. They are able to lead, facilitate & give feedback on:
• Multiple centering activities
• Verbal Stretching® styles & dynamics
• VA Sparring

Level 2.3 “Official VA Facilitator”

Accredited VA Facilitators are capable of conducting a quality VA workshop or VA dojo. Through regular practice they have acquired a certain level of internal & real-time attack mastery. Before completion, they must elaborate and defend their Personal Style Thesis.

Get trained up in VERBAL AIKIDO®!

VA Academy is the only institute authorized to dispense Verbal Aikido® certification.

Cycle 1 (45 hours) to become an “Autonomous VA Practitioner”
► Online training (contact us for on-site availability)

Cycle 2 (45 hours over 1 year) to become “Become an Official VA Facilitator”
► Online training, significant personal time investment required

Following certification*, accredited Official VA Facilitators may:

• Work as an official VA Trainer in partnership with Verbal Aikido SASU (freelance status recommended)

• Facilitate or advise others with VA pro bono (FOC) in contexts other than training

• Provide and invoice VA training (VA Dojo, Level 1.1) by obtaining the license contract**

*Accredited professional certificates are valid for 1 year upon achievement, and are renewable after annual refresher training.

**Verbal Aikido® and Verbal Stretching® trademark license contract (1st year €600 excl. VAT, then €1200 excl. VAT) includes annual refresher training

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