Discover VA 360°

Verbal Aikido at school

Putting children at the heart of learning

VA 360° is a set of Verbal Aikido training courses for teachers, parents and children, giving them the means to manage verbal attacks and tension in a simple and effective way.

The VA method empowers learners to de-escalate exchanges in situations of aggression and bullying, promoting a calm and harmonious school atmosphere. It contributes to the development of self-esteem, empathy and respect.

For the children

The ability to protect oneself peacefully and with confidence, from 5 years & up

For the team

Another way of approaching difficulties, peaceful conflict management

For the educational community

An inspiring project for educational establishments

For society

Peacemakers trained to transform conflicts into constructive conversations


We aim to provide peaceful means of protection from verbal aggression & bullying for children and their entourage


We are here to support educational establishments in creating a culture of kindness and benevolence

Founder & developer of the VA 360° project

Luke Archer is the creator of the Verbal Aikido practice, which he has been bringing to schools since 2014.

His youth was marked by physical and verbal bullying, which not only shaped the trajectory of his work, but also influenced his approach to educational development and communication training (read more here).

If I knew then, how to do a fraction of what trained-up children can do now, I would have been much more present and self-confident at school.

meet the VA 360 teaching team

Experts to support teaching teams, children and parents in VA practice

Astrid Toullec

VA instructor for primary schools

Marie-Solange Vottero

VA instructor for middle-schools

Luc Pavan

VA instructor for high-schools

What parents say

It’s extremely enriching. It makes us evolve personally and see others differently.

Céline Bouchery (parent who participated in the training over two years)

Watch an interview with teachers, parents and children who followed the VA training (subtitled)

Verbal Aikido: For a culture of peaceful communication

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