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Communicate and Manage Conflict with Verbal Aikido®
from Conflict to Conversation: A 14-Hour Level 1.1 Novice Certificate Training

FACILITATOR: Luke Archer, newskool SAS

SUPPORT FACILITATOR: Pattie Porter, Conflict Connections, Inc.

DATES:  Monday-Tuesdays on March 8-9 and April 5-6, 2021

TIME: 4 1/2 day session from 9:00-12:30 pm Central Standard Time (3:00-6:30pm GMT)

LOCATION: Virtual Training

PRICE:  480€/person. Use this promo code “VASKOOL21” to receive a 10% discount
Note: Payment is made in Euros. Check conversion rate here.

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Workshop Reading (highly recommended purchase): From Conflict to Conversation: The Official Verbal Aikido Practitioner’s Guide by Luke Archer. As part of the workshop, each participant will receive a Participant booklet. The book is a separate purchase.

INVITATION to observe and try out Verbal Aikido on the Dojo practice mat at no cost. Check it out and see what it is all about. Online classes are every Wednesday, from 9:30-11:00 am Central Standard Time (3:30-5:00pm GMT). No registration required.

•  Become empowered to find a stable and balanced position, when faced with difficulties
• Respond aptly and with appropriate emotional distance to verbal aggression & negativity
• Enhance listening skills, to better meet needs of clients, co-workers, family members, etc.



• 4-Square” centering method & how to develop one’s own approach to getting centered
• Posture and listening training through Verbal Stretching exercises
• 7 Verbal Aikido™ techniques: using empathy to better understand others in order to propose balanced outcomes
• Adaptation, application & appropriation of tools, using your real-life conflict interactions
• Regular opportunities to practice and develop reflexes
• Validation of the three postures in practice, and the capacity to step out of conflict

The workshop is organized around the needs of the participants. The facilitators focus on intense practice and reflex development, to ensure the acquisition of the tools and techniques covered. Theoretical aspects are covered at a rhythm that corresponds to the group. Upon successful completion of the program and practical validation, participants are awarded a Level 1.1 Novice certificate valid 2 years.

Extra Resources
Each participant will receive a customizable “VA First-Aid Kit”, and easy access to a large variety of online resources.
Ongoing online training and practice via the Dojo mat is available and recommended to maintain and develop the skills acquired during the workshop.

This training is the first module in Cycle 1 (16 half days) to become “Advanced Practitioner

Level / CertificationSkillsPrerequisiteDurationPersonal WorkPrice (VAT incl.)Online Dates 2020-2021
Novice practitioner
Level 1.1
• Capacity to implement enhanced neutral listening
• Capacity to create a safe distance when dealing with verbal attacks
• Understanding of Ai-ki and the dynamic of the Three Steps
4 x ½ days
480 €
March 8, 9 |
April 5, 6
Confirmed Practitioner
Level 1.2
• Application of personal centering in practice
• Capacity to vary Irimi techniques in practice
• Capacity to vary Ai-ki propositions in practice
Level 1.16 x ½ days
720 €
May 10, 17, 18 | June 7,8, 21
Advanced Practitioner
Level 1.3
• Regularity in practice
• Capacity to maintain posture with 3 successive attacks
• Written work elaborating one’s path in the practice & understanding of the Three steps
Level 1.26 x ½ days
1 text to read
1 written work
720 €
TOTAL16 x ½ days
1920 € (Incl VAT)
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Following the measures taken for the current pandemic, face-to-face events have been suspended.

You can still benefit from our weekly online classes, and follow us on social media. 🙂

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