Basic 3 move: SOS

S.O.S. It is harder for someone to press an attack when you ask them for help. Using an S.O.S. invites your partner over to your side as a facilitator. Indeed, many an S.O.S. turns directly into a harmonious direction (Aiki), if the practitioner is open to accepting guidance. Many attacks are the source of surprisingly good ideas if the space is given to share them.

Partner:[***] What would not being naïve look like? Emm, well, you might be just a little more discerning!”

Practitioner: “[…] Sure discerning, that’s something I’d like. So, how have you managed to develop your discernment over the years?”

Partner: “Seriously, I don’t have time for this!”

Practitioner: “[…] OK. Is there someone you know of who might give me a constructive direction here?


Examples of the technique “S.O.S.”

Intention: Solicit aid or determine if your partner would like to facilitate

What do you suggest/propose/recommend we do about it?

Have you got an idea about how to manage this?

How would you go about this?

What would you do if you were in my place/shoes?

Can you help me out with a suggestion?

What advice would you give me to improve that?

Could you assist me in any way?

Who would you recommend I ask/go to for help?

Basic 3 move: SOS