Basic 2 move: The Funnel

This technique contrasts with Ki-no Nagare as it aims toward reduction rather than expansion. It is particularly useful when dealing with an onslaught of different attacks. The intention behind The Funnel is to draw out the priority or essence of an attack.

Partner: “You’re never there when I need you! You’re always coming up with excuses, and feel like I can’t count on you to help with this project!”

Practitioner: “[…] I see. What’s the main issue for you right now?

Partner:[***] Look I need your help on this project, can I count on you?”

The exchange will continue on from here, however The Funnel lets your partner express a priority and enables you to eliminate secondary issues. If you now look back at the Breath Stretch that we did in the previous session on Verbal Stretching, you may notice how question 1 (“Is there anything else?”) relates to Ki-no Nagare and question 2 (“What is the essence?”) relates to The Funnel. This is no coincidence. All stretching movements relate to an aspect of practice, and stretching is a subtle way to develop reflexes with the techniques.

Example of the Technique “The Funnel

What’s bottom line/most important/urgent for you here?

Which one of these topics is your priority/main concern?

What should we be focusing on?

What’s the essence of what you’re saying?

Where would you like to start/begin?

What’s the main point you’re trying to make?

How can we decide what the most crucial point is?

If we could whittle this down into the key idea…?

So, essentially…?

Basic 2 move: The Funnel