The Kiosk Kata

The following Kata is called the Kiosk Kata (“Kiosk” is a loose acronym for the techniques it entails). It has four movements. It is particularly effective when dealing with criticisms or negativity in general.

Kiosk Kata

1. “Continue…”/ “I hear you, go on…” (Ki-no Nagare)

2. “What would you prefer?”/ “What’s missing?” (Open Reverso)

3. “What would you recommend?”/” How would you go about it?” (S.O.S.)

A pretty kiosk

4. “How about we…”/” Let’s see if we can…” (Bright Future)

Try repeating the sequence in your own words. For example: “I’m listening. What would be better? Have you got a suggestion? Hey, how about we…”. Leave the last move incomplete. It is important to wait until relevant information emerges from an exchange before you complete your Aiki (“Us”) proposal. Having the beginning of the movement will facilitate your launch into a pertinent Aiki when the time comes.

The Kiosk Kata